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Newborn Sleep Support (0-4 months)

Welcoming a new baby is very exciting, but it can also bring up a lot of questions and concerns. The internet, friends, family and well-meaning strangers all have their opinions and advice to offer but it can leave parents overwhelmed. This support session was created with you in mind. A place to learn what newborn sleep actually looks like and to help you gain confidence that your instincts are what’s best.

What's included

  • Mini intake form to get to know you and tailor the session to your needs

  • 90-minute recorded newborn sleep education video call where we'll look at:

    • How we sleep

    • What normal infant sleep looks like​

    • Wake windows

    • Signs of tiredness

    • Common sleep interruptors

    • Learning to trust your own instincts

    • Setting up a safe sleep environment

    • ... and more!

  • Guide to infant and toddler sleep


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