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Get the good night's sleep
you both need 

Empowering mamas to trust their instincts and working together to understand why their little ones might be waking frequently in the night, protesting sleep or waking wayyy too early so that everyone can get restful sleep.



I'm Stéphanie, a Baby-led Sleep and Well-being Consultant

With so much information out there, becoming a new mum can be overwhelming. I certainly got lost in the late-night Google vortex when I was searching for answers for my baby’s sleep. There’s advice for everything, but it really made me question – is generic, mass-produced advice from a complete stranger what we actually need?


My purpose for Mama Floreo (which means “to flourish” in latin) is to provide personalized support and empower families to find confidence in themselves by understanding realistic, age-appropriate expectations of sleep.

What I Provide

Individualized sleep support for families who want to respectfully make changes to their child's sleep patterns and routines.

Attachment-centered sleep solutions that respect your family’s values

Realistic, developmentally-appropriate sleep expectations

Support you as you learn about your parenting and how it impacts your baby’s sleep

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