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About Me

I'm Stéphanie, a mum of 2 little boys, an infant & toddler sleep consultant and also a Baby-led Sleep and Well-Being Consultant. 

In becoming a mum for the first time in 2016, I *thought* I didn’t know what I was doing. In the midst of my son’s precious newborn days, I unfortunately let myself be washed up by baby tracking apps, blogs and social media which made me question myself constantly in what I was trying to do on my own - all of them boasting a better way for me to care for my baby


At one point the volume of information was just too much and I leaned on a friend for advice and she gave me a referral to a lovely sleep consultant. I didn't know this was even a thing! We began working together when my son was 4 months old – the confidence I gained through this experience was incredible. Over the next months and years I’ve been gaining knowledge and confidence on how to help my boys sleep better and have a better overall well-being.  


During my second maternity leave in 2021, I took a training on baby & toddler sleep and joined a team of sleep consultants working with families locally in Montreal and in Europe. After a few months of recommending families to improve sleep with gentle techniques, I began to have doubts in the process and ultimately stopped taking clients in Spring 2022. Don't get me wrong - many clients had success in meeting their goals and were happy with the outcome of our time together. But, I was conflicted in coaching more families through a few days of crying (for both mum and baby!). I knew there had to be other ways to help families get better sleep without the need of sleep training. 


In April 2022 I decided to begin the Isla-Grace training to become a Baby-Led Sleep™ and Well-Being Specialist and my whole parenting philosophy was turned upside down. So much in my experience as a parent began making sense and I saw the value first-hand in applying the learnings with my young kids (7 & 3 years old). 


I’m looking forward to supporting local families here in the Montreal area to gain confidence in their instincts and ability to parent their baby.

Learn more about my story here.


Training & Certification:

How I work

As a Baby-Led Sleep™ and Well-Being Consultant, my goal is to:

  • Find attachment-centered sleep solutions for you and your baby that respect your family’s values

  • Encourage and guide you to learn and respect your baby’s cues and respond to them

  • Help you understand how sleep works and the benefits of a restful night’s sleep as well as age-and-developmentally-appropriate sleep expectations through our sleep education calls and coaching

  • Support you as you learn about your parenting and how it impacts your baby’s sleep

  • Never propose separation-based techniques and methods

  • Guide you in setting up a safe sleep environment for you and your baby

  • Have you finish our support time together, confident in your parenting, empowered and knowledgeable.

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