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Sleep coaching & support services

During our time of working together, we will look at everything through the lens of attachment science. Because of this, I won't be guaranteeing a target date for your little one to magically be quiet all night, but I do sincerely hope that through our time together you will learn about normal infant sleep, development and attachment to accompany your child to a genuine better night's sleep.

I believe that sleep "trouble" is a symptom of something greater that is impacting your baby's sleep and we will work together to try and find the root cause and resolve the issues. The Baby-led Sleep process is very different from that of a more "traditional" sleep consultant – I know because I was one (read more about that here).

To book any of my coaching packages, I invite you to contact me for a free 20-minute introductory call to make sure we’re a good fit together and to see how I can help you. 


Sleep Education Consultation


Up-to 60-Minute video call

Suitable for parents of children 0-5 years old

Have some specific questions about baby sleep that you would like to talk to me about? 

Please note that this call is not a replacement for the packages offered. This call is meant to answer specific questions or address concerns you have about your child's sleep or as an add-on to the packages for those who would like continued support. 

Ideas of what we can talk about:
  • General sleep questions

  • Nap transitions

  • Integration to daycare

  • Concerns about sleeping behaviours/red flags

  • Safe sleep environments

  • Voice your questions & concerns

  • Much more!

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Sleep & Well-Being Consultation


Suitable for parents of babies 5+ months

A great option for parents who want to make changes to their child's sleep at their own rhythm but would like just a bit of guidance in making the first steps.

What's included?
  • Thorough intake form + sleep/nutrition log for 3-5 days

  • Up-to 90-minute sleep education video call with bullet-point summary

  • Additional support calls can be purchased as needed


Sleep & Well-Being Support


2 Weeks of support

Suitable for parents of babies 9+ months

Ideal for families who want support for the first couple weeks of introducing changes into your child’s sleep patterns before continuing at your own pace.

What's included?
  • Thorough intake form + sleep/nutrition log for 3 days

  • Up-to 60-minute sleep education video call with bullet-point summary

  • Foundational week

  • Up-to 60-minute sleep plan video call the following week to make changes or modifications based on your baby’s reactions to the foundation week with bullet-point summary

  • 1x up-to 45 minute check-in video call for additional changes or questions to be used within 2 weeks of the sleep plan video call (as needed)

  • Voice message & text support through What's App for 2 weeks following the sleep plan video call for additional questions or concerns (as needed)

  • Up-to 20-minute end-of-support video call with written summary

  • Additional support calls can be purchased as needed

How the coaching process works

Once you’ve completed your 20-minute introductory call and decide to move forward in working with me (yay!) I’ll send you your intake form. Both the Sleep & Well-Being Consult and Support packages include a (very) thorough intake form that not only covers your child’s sleeping patterns but also includes questions about parental sleep and well-being. It’s important to be able to support your family through this process so that I have a deeper understanding of how you “tick” and your family dynamics. Please be as thorough as you feel comfortable with as you fill out the intake form. I’ve chosen an online software that allows you to pause and come back if needed. 

Once I receive your form, we’ll schedule the sleep education call where we will have an in-depth look at how sleep works for babies and young children and to answer any questions that may have arose as a result from the intake form. For the Sleep & Well-being Consult, your call will be a bit longer to include some co-creation of the sleep plan and will be followed up by a summary of our call in bullet-form - but there is no other support included in your package. For the Sleep & Well-Being Support package there will be a foundational week(s) following the sleep education call so that you have some time to put some foundations/small changes in place to see how your baby reacts before we begin to make further changes to sleep.

​Next we’ll re-group for the sleep plan call where we will collaborate together to make a plan you’re confident in and one that matches with your goals and expectations of the process. Then, when you’re ready, your two weeks of support begin. I’ll be right alongside you with What's App support and a check-in video call to make tweaks and adjustments, or just to chat 🙂

I look forward to working with you!

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